Altea 24mm

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Welcome to Altea, the very newborn of all tanks from J Well. For all of you searching for a powerful vape and who love direct inhalation, you will find all of these qualities and much more in this future best seller. The CDR coils can go up to 90 watts and are furnished with Fiber Freaks in order to keep an outstanding restitution of flavours. You wish for more? This is not a problem... The Altea pack also contains a rebuildable head of Velocity type which is recognised as the best plateau on the market. But that is not all. You will also dispose of two drip tips. One simple model with airflow and one Rocket tip for a perfect comfort of the lips. What could it be missing then? Absolutely nothing apart from a very appealing price of 44.90 € for this fabulous kit which you will not want to leave.



Airflow controlClearomizer: Top FillingCompatible Coil: CDR 0.3 OhmCapacity: 3ml (with RTA) / 4ml (with coil)With RTA (dual coil)Connection: 510 (spring pin)2 Drip Tips : 1 with airflow | 1 rocket drip tipDiameter: 24 mmDimensions: 41.5mm ( without drip tip )


  • Fermly screw the CDR

  • Insert the Pyrex

  • Screw the top part


  • Like the coil CDR, fermly screw RTA

  • Unscrew the chamber to access the tray


Insert the coils, then
tighten the screws on the side

Insert the cotton through
the coil and cover
the ends of the cotton with the eliquid

Must obstruct arrivals
without strengthening
cottons in the holes


1. Unscrew
the top part

2. Pour the liquid in the hole, in periphery


Choose your Drip Tip!

Durchmesser: 24mm
Tankvolumen: 3ml (RBA) / 4ml (Coil)
Tankart: Fertigcoils Selbstwickler
Wicklungen: max 2 Coils

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